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allows passionate photographers from all over the world to take walking photography tours and workshops in Milan with pro photographers.

It was born in collaboration with my good friend and collegue Andrea Rossi and it received Milan City Council’s patronage starting in 2015.

During our photo tours customers walk through downtown Milan for a few hours with a professional photographer along an itinerary thought optimal for photo opportunities.

Our photo tours are designed with photography in mind, taking into account the direction of light at different times of day, the most photogenic venues, landmarks and the best viewpoints.

Photo tours are very different from a traditional tour where you bring your camera. Our tutors are professional photographers, not tour guides. They will take you through the best photographic itinerary while teaching you photography and using our beautiful city as a backdrop for your photo work. 

Our photographers are qualified working professionals willing to help you on the most relevant photographic issues, such as subject recognition and approach, exposure, composition, light, camera settings, special techniques and a lot more.

For detailed info about our photo tours, rates and bookings please click here.

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